May 25, 2011

BPMN Usage Survey - Results

We finished analysing the results collected from the survey we published two months ago. We would be very happy if you could add your comment(s) to this post or send them directly to the authors.
"These results will be part of a paper entitled “BPMN: an Introduction to the Standard” that will be published in 2011. In the article the collected results herewith presented are compared and sometimes merged with other data coming from other surveys and from freely available sources on the Internet, like LinkedIn groups dedicated to BPMN or Web-Communities.
During the period of this survey more than 30 answers were collected. The intended audience of the questionnaire was a (even small) community of experts and proficient BPMN users. Thus, even if this survey can not be taken into account as representative of a public sentiment about BPMN, this work clearly represents a sight of the experts on how BPMN is used by practitioners in everyday business process modeling chores."

26th of May: Added on Slideshare two more pages with tables related to the two charts "How much are you familiar with ..."

-- mchinosi

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